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Murchison falls safari

Murchison Falls Safari, 3 days wildlife viewing Uganda tour

Murchison Falls Safari Description:

Murchison falls National Park is one of Uganda’s largest National parks spanning over 3000 square miles. The park is located some 300kms from Kampala towards northern Uganda. The park is divided by the mighty Nile along the western rift valley. Famous for the magnificent thundering falls, the park offers different safari options for a day or multi day tours.




Day one:
Either, a pick up from Entebbe Airport on a morning flight or start from Kampala at your pick up point. The Murchison falls safari commences with the drive through Bombo and Luweero districts. We will transfer to the Ziwa ranch a place where one of the Big Five animals live. The rangers then help track African white rhinos at the Sanctuary in Nakasongola. Later, you head to Masindi for lunch and proceed through the African Savannah. You get to see the Baboon Forests of Budongo on the way to the Top of the Murchison Falls.

The magnificent Nile compresses into a 7 metre crevice.  At this spot in the rift valley, the Nile then crashes into a series of white water rapids. Animals on this part of the park include; Cape Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Leopard and the Hippos. For the more energetic, proceed to the Bat Caves where millions of bats exit the Caves at Dusk.  Birds of Prey Like the Bat Hawk and black kites feed on these from the sky. Later on, to the Ferry crossing area at Paraa where the transfer across the Nile. Head to the northern bank of the Nile, finally at your Overnight accommodation. Meals and overnight at Murchison  River Lodge or other accommodation of choice and budget.
Meal Plan – Lunch and Dinner.
Transit Time: About 6-7 Hours.

Day Two: Morning game viewing and Afternoon Cruise on The Nile

Morning breakfast at the Lodge, served from the main building. Later, the morning game viewing safari of Murchison Falls starts from the Lodge into the Savannah. The forested margins close to the Lodge and the River Nile are good places to spot the Olive baboons; Vervet monkeys and Warthogs. The game drive, then heads into the Borassus palm woodland, Elephants, Lowell hartebeests, Oribis and other wildlife converge here.

The Rothschild giraffes tower in the acacia while browsing through the treetops. Also, leopard, Elephant, Hippo, Bush bucks, Uganda Kobs and bird species. Bee eaters, Abyssinian Ground Hornbills and Snake Eagles are seen at the Delta Area. The morning Murchison falls safari ends with a drive back to the Lodge. Guests can relax at the swim-up pool bar before lunch.

The afternoon boat cruise on the Nile is aboard the flat bottomed medium sized boats or the large Wildlife Vessel. This trip gets visitors close to the Wildlife along the banks of the Nile to just a few feet away. The best time to see wildlife would be in the afternoon. Meanwhile, most of the animals would come down at the river for a drink. You are likely to see Crocodiles basking along the banks as they keep guard over their eggs. Also, swimming alongside the large populations of Hippos are the young crocodile hatch-lings.

Murchison falls Nile Cruise

It is also possible to spot Leopard, Lion, Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Uganda Kobs and the shoe billed stork. Water birds on the Nile include: African Skimmers, African Darters, Knob Billed ducks, Black Crake, African Fish Eagles. As well as Red throated bee eaters, African Pied Kingfishers which make nests along the banks of the Nile. This trip starts at about 2:30 in the afternoon then returns to base by about 4:00 in the evening. Drive through the sausage trees and euphoria then return to the Murchison River Lodge for dinner and overnight.
Meal Plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Three:  Primate Walk at Budongo Forest
Morning breakfast, then cross by ferry to the southern bank at Paraa. Thereafter, proceed to the Budongo Forest at Kaniyo pabidi where the Chimpanzee guides will be waiting. The walk in the forest will introduce birds and different tree species. Olive baboons, Red tailed Monkeys and some troops of Chimpanzees that have been habituated for visitors. From here, drive through Masindi and have a picnic lunch along the way. Later on, proceed to Kampala arriving in the late evening.
Meal Plan – Breakfast and Lunch.
Transit Time: 6-7 HOURS.
End of safari tour to Murchison Falls.

How much does the Murchison falls safari cost?



Price per person                      from  USD1,235


Price per person                      from  USD735


Price per person                      from  USD735



Price per person                      from  USD299

Murchison Falls Safari price Includes:

  • Full board accommodation with Meals,
  • park entrance fees,
  • Rhino tracking at the rhino sanctuary,
  • guided tour to the top of the falls by ranger guides,
  • Ferry crossings across the Nile, Murchison falls safari on the northern bank
  • Murchison falls Delta area tour,
  • Boat cruise on the Nile to the base of the Falls,
  • Optional forest walk in the Budongo forest in search of the Chimpanzees,
  • safari vehicle customized for game viewing and a private safari guide.


  • Beverages other than what the complimentary bottled water in the safari vehicle,
  • personal expenses like laundry and optional chimp trek
  • communication.
  • gift shop purchases
  • bar bills
  • activities on the Murchison falls safari not included in the program.

Other safari programs for Murchison falls National park include:

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What animals to see at Murchison falls National Park:

An enthusiastic traveler is able to spot the following on a tour of Murchison Falls:

  • Giraffe
  • Elephant
  • African white rhino
  • Leopard
  • Hippopotamus
  • Baboon
  • Nile crocodile
  • Chimpanzee
  • Hartebeest
  • Oribi
  • Cape buffalo and other wildlife.
Murchison falls National park safari Highlights:
  • Walking safari to the top of the Murchison falls.
  • Bird watching for water, forest and savannah birds.
  • Hiking trail from the bottom of the falls to the Viewpoint at the bat caves.
  • Game viewing across the Nile with expert ranger guides.
  • Sport fishing for the Perch, Tilapia or the local Angara fish.
  • Big five wildlife viewing cruise along the placid waters of the Nile.
  • Luxury or basic bush camping experiences at designated campsites.
  • Delta safari along the flood plains of the Pakuba area.
  • Chimpanzee trekking at Budongo or Rabongo forests.
Planning your Murchison Falls National park safari:
  • The best season for a visit to Murchison falls is the dry season. This is during the months of December to February and June to September. After the rainy season, this is the best time for visiting Murchison falls National Park.
  • Animal spotting is by private 4×4 safari jeep with incredible and knowledgeable tour guides. The best time for viewing wildlife is early in the mornings or late evenings. The remainder of the day being spent relaxing at the lodge or by poolside.
How safe is the tour to Murchison falls National park?
  • For the safety of the tourists, it is advisable to follow the park rules and regulations to the letter. It is advisable to be in your at all times whilst on a game viewing drive. On the walking safari, you should stay with the armed ranger guide at all times. Teasing and feeding wildlife is prohibited.
  • The safari guide is trained in first aid in case of any emergency. We recommend visitors  take travel or medical insurance in the event of medical or safety concerns.
  • Children should always be under watch of their parents or guardians while on tour or at Wildlife Lodges or camps.
Murchison falls National park packing list:
  • Sunscreen is helpful against radiation of the African sun. Temperatures sometimes soar up to over 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Insect repellent or bug spray. Just in case of tsetse and safari ants while visiting the top of the falls.
  • Swim suit if staying at mid-range safari lodges or luxury tented camps. Most of the lodges at Murchison falls National Park have swimming pools for the comfort of the guests.
  • A wide brimmed Hat or a baseball cap for the long sunny days.  You may also consider a scarf for the chilly mornings or late evenings while commencing or returning from the safari.
  • Trekking shoes or tennis ones are recommended for the hike up to the top of the falls.  As well as the walking primate safari at Budongo forest.
  • A camera to take pictures of the Murchison falls, different wildlife and birds along the Nile banks. Carry an external hard drive or spare memory space to download pictures.
  • Prescription drugs in case of illness or tummy upsets.  For first aid, please consult your driver guide or lodge management for assistance.
How to book a Murchison Falls national park safari:

When ready to book, you are welcome to pay on arrival for the tour. However, a deposit of about USD100 is required to hold the reservations. You can safely pay by VISA, MasterCard or other credit/debit card options. Final payments can be paid in CASH(USD or other currency based on the prevailing exchange rates).

(Booking procedure)

This is the best and biggest national park in Uganda. Was named after the head of the Royal Geographical Society Sir Murchison. The Nile flows through the park on its way to Egypt. It used to be one of Africa’s best National parks in the 1960s. This park, also used to contain some of largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. These included as many as 15,000 elephants, herds of rhinos, lions, giraffes, Ugandan Kobs, cape buffalo, hippos and crocodiles.

The area between Paraa and Lake Albert is the area popular with wildlife driving and walking safaris. Some game viewing also takes place on the southern banks of the river Nile. The beautiful walking trails link the base base of the falls with the top. These offer some different scenic points of the Magnificent Murchison Falls. Trips to the Falls are also possible by flat bottomed boat cruises. Boats dock a couple of metres from the raging Cascades.

The falls were once described as the most spectacular thing that happened to the Nile along its 6700km course. Activities at Murchison Falls include a Launch trip. The Boat cruise that seats about 40+ people. Trips start from the Paraa area then sail all the way towards the base of the falls. The boat operates daily departing at around 9am and 2pm.

Nile boat launch Cruises

The boat trip on this River takes approximately three hours. Meanwhile, afternoon trips are more popular, as the thirsty wildlife come to the edge of the River to drink. The predators also utilize this time for hunts. It may also be possible to disembark from the Launch to take a walk. On the trail along the edge of the Falls, to be picked up by car an hour later.

Crocodile viewing at Murchison falls, Uganda

Crocodiles bask along the banks of the Nile, incubating eggs along the river. In the afternoon heat, the amphibians open their jaws as a way of controlling temperature. A host of water birds including African darters and cormorants occasionally succumb to crocodile attacks. With one of the strongest bite force in the wild, crocodiles feed on Nile Perch or tear through the odd Hippo Carcass. Hatching eggs and young crocodiles sightings happen during the months of March to May. Observe crocodiles move their hatch-lings in their jaws into the river. African fish eagles, as well as other birds of prey are attracted by the hundreds of baby crocodiles around this time. After submerging into the Nile waters, crocodiles surface close to the passing vessel to the delight of tourists. Crocodiles and Hippos share the same Habitat along the banks of the Nile.

Hippos schools along the Nile banks

School concentrations of Hippo inhabit large areas of the River at Murchison falls towards the top of the falls. Meanwhile, the Uganda wildlife authority guide gives points out the dominant males in their territory on the banks. Scratch marks on the backs of the Hippo are inflicted by rivals in the quest for territory and mating rights. Hippos spend most of the day partially submerged in the Nile, yawning as well as fighting off rivals. Theses massive mammals weighing up to a tonne or more scatter their dung with their short tails to ward off other males.  Hippos can live up to 40 years and mainly feed at dusk using the same trodden path onto the grassland area at Murchison falls.

Murchison Falls accommodations:

Paraa Lodge – Top accommodations:
The lodge name, ‘’paraa’’ refers to the Hippos in the acholi local language. The massive numbers of Hippos can be seen here. The Lodge overlooks the River Nile and a school of Hippos that inhabit a large area of the water. Paraa Lodge was constructed in the early 1950s to offer accommodation to the then thriving Tourism in the region. It was then renovated in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The lodge offers en-suite rooms overlooking the Nile as well as luxury tents close to the banks of the river. The Lodge offers its guests a large swimming pool with a swim up bar, as well as indoor games.

The United Kingdom’s Queen Mother is among the notable visitors who stayed at this lodge in the 1950s and 60s. Due to its location, Paraa Lodge has one of the best access at Murchison Falls National Park. Game drives, park activities like the cruise on the River Nile, ferry crossing. Also,  delta cruises, top of the falls trips and the game viewing safaris on the northern bank.

Chobe Lodge – Top accommodations:

The chobe lodge is located at a section of the Nile near the Karuma Falls where it was set up. Meanwhile, this was originally built as a fishing destination resort near Chobe waterfalls. The Lodge rooms face the calmer section of the Nile. From the rooms, you then see the gentle rapids descent towards the Murchison Falls and Lake Albert. Rooms are all en-suite and face the River. The large swimming pool is next to a lounging area and the bar. At the chobe, you also have spa service, guided nature walks and game drives. Other areas of Murchison falls national park can be used for bush breakfasts.

Baker’s Lodge – Top accommodations:

Opened in 2014, was named after the first European explorers that discovered Lake Albert then Murchison Falls in 1864. The lodge built on stilts near the river Nile,  Elephants and Hippos can be seen along the Nile banks. There is a large lappa, that houses the main lodge building. The occasional elephants or Hippos may be seen in camp. Nature walks are possible with a ranger guide while cultural entertainment crown’s the day’s experience. The local acholi tribesmen entertain with their traditional instruments at dusk.

Nile Safari Lodge – Top accommodations:

The lodge is built on wooden chalets with some beautiful interior and exterior decor. The Lodge offers private washrooms with hot and cold running water, as well as beautiful views of the Nile. Elephants can be seen crossing from the northern to the southern banks. The Murchison falls history is preserved here with some of the equipment from the defunct East African harbors. There is a cute swimming pool in the shades of the Acacia trees. In addition, the custom designed hammock would be a welcome relief in the afternoons.

Red Chilli – Budget accommodations:
Red chili is the favorite accommodation which utilizes en-suite bandas, as well as detached washrooms. A large dining area and bar while for the camping guests, a large camping ground is available for hire. The red chili is close to the national park headquarters at Paraa. Payment facilities for the Murchison falls safari activities are close by.