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What to See and do in Uganda

What to See and do in Uganda, Central region



Ngamba Island:  One of the options for a What to See and do in Uganda. A private Island that provides sanctuary to orphaned and rescued chimpanzees from the animal traffickers. It is run by the Jane Goodall Foundation and offers daily trips to see the chimpanzees from a viewing platform or overnight trips to take part in forest walks and baby sitting, care-giving and feeding the baby chimps. Other trips on the trip includes visiting a fishing Village and interacting with the local inhabitants of the Myende Island or swimming in Lake Victoria at the Equator.

Two boat trips are offered daily from the main landing pier near the Botanical Gardens. The trip takes approximately an hour and a half in each direction. Washrooms and meals are available on the Island. Overnight trips require advance bookings and a set of Vaccinations prior to visiting Ngamba.

Uganda Wildlife Educational Center:  This is where Uganda wildlife is showcased in a beautiful setting along the shores of Lake Victoria. You are able to see African Grey Parrot, Nile Monitor Lizard, feed the Rothschild Giraffes, See Chimpanzees, Shoe Billed stork, Snakes in glass enclosures, Nile Crocodiles, African Otter, White rhino, Zebra, Leopard, Ostrich, Water Buck, Cape Buffalo, Bushbuck, Patas Monkeys, Vervets and probably relax at the Beach.

Fishing trips on Lake Victoria: Fishing is done in the mornings for the best experience. The species for the spot fishing is the large Tilapia that grows easily to over 250 pounds! The fishing party would be using fiberglass speedboats equipped with all navigation and fishing gear. There are supplies of drinks on board which include beer, soda, teas, coffees and light snacks. However, one is welcome to bring any extras for the trip.

Fishing trips depart from the mainland in Entebbe  from 09:00am and depending on the package required, may return in the afternoon just after mid day or late in the evening around 5pm. Packed lunches are provided as well as fishing gear.

Prices start at about USD250 for a half day trip and goes us to about USD300 per person for a full day trip.

Sun-downer Cruises on Lake Victoria:   Another way of enjoying a relaxing trip on the Second largest inland Lake in the World.  The boat captain will be ready for a briefing on the shores, prior to boarding the boats. The trip then sets sail towards the equator and the nearby lush islands with a backdrop of the local fishermen boats as they cast their nets, silhouetted by the orange sunset. Snacks with drinks and wine with cheese of one’s choice is served before a slow sail back to the mainland.

Prices start at about USD75 per person for the trip.

Botanical Gardens: Established in the late 1890’s by A Whyte and featured in a couple of Tarzan movies. The Gardens can be explored on a self guided tour along the different trees with large buttress roots and overgrown vines. These are identified by their name tags that are pasted on each tree. One can also do some bird watching, picnicking or seeing the resident black and white colubus monkeys in the forested part.

Entry fees are around USD20 per person.

Bulago Island:  A paradise of white sandy beaches set in forested islands at the Pineapple bay Resort. A speedboat is available for hire to these beautiful Islands for honeymoon or weekend escapes. Nature walks, swimming, bird watching, fishing and first class service of the resort.

prices start at around USD270 per person.

Entebbe Beaches:  Private beach experiences at the Entebbe Resort Beach with outdoor music entertainment, beach bar and restaurant offering fresh deep fried Tilapia and fries with fast food. Other Beaches include the Lido Beach, Aero Beach and Spennah Beach. These are mostly frequented by the local folk party goers and unlike the private Beaches, they are party themed. Some of these offer short boat trips out into the Lake for sightseeing and on request, can offer fishing trips for day visitors.

Entebbe Golf Club:    Established in 1901 and featuring greens at the shores of Lake Victoria. Golfers have a beautiful view of the Lake Victoria as well as the Uganda wildlife Educational Center where some the animals can be seen from the course. The club features a basic club house which offers snacks and drinks.

Reptile Village:              Learn about the different reptiles of Uganda showcased at this exhibition center. Species like the Three Horned chameleon, Cobra, Gabon Viper, African Rock python and Cat Eyed Snake can be seen here.

Mabamba Swamp:          Accessible by motorized canoe across Lake Victoria to Mpigi. The boat moves slowly through the Papyrus Marshes in search of the rare shoe billed stork which can be observed hunting for the mud fish and toads in the swamp. Other species of birds seen on this bird watching trip includes: Purple swamp hen, Squarcco Heron, Black Crake, Papyrus Gonolek, Common sand piper, Northern brown throated weaver, Vieilliot’s black weaver, Blue breasted bee-eater and Swamp fly catcher. It is also possible to drive though the Masaka road to access this site as a drive in.

We recommend a very early morning start to catch the shoe bills before they take to the sky using the warm currents as the day starts to warm up.

Ssese Islands:                 A 3 hour boat transfer from Entebbe to Kalangala, one of the 84 Islands in the that form the Ssese Islands. Activities include nature walks in forests looking at Black Faced Vervet Monkeys, Calls of the African Fish eagles, the naughty cry of the Black and White Casqued Hornbill and Fishing trips with the locals on Lake Victoria. The rest of the time is relaxing along the beach and enjoying the evenings on bonfires or having indoor or outdoor games by the Lakeside.


City tour of Kampala:       The Kampala city tour which includes a visit to the Kasubi Tombs. Burial grounds for Buganda Kings stretching back to over 4 generations and with a rich History of the Buganda Kingdom. The tour also takes one to the Uganda Museum where history of the country and the the world is showcased here. A short drive to the National Theatre where Uganda Arts, music and drama acts are conducted. A visit to the Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedrals established by the first missionaries over 100 years ago and a visit to the Old Kampala Mosque that was first started during Idi Amin’s Regime and also houses the Fort Lugard.  Depending on the available time during a city tour, the Buganda Kingdom parliamentary buildings at Bulange and the Hindu worship temple or a visit to the open air fruit and vegetable market at Nakasero shouldn’t be missed.

You could alternatively take a city tour by scooter/boda boda which is an easier way to experience Kampala without having to worry about the traffic. This tour also features the history of Uganda under Idi Amin’s regime to a place that was used as a torture chamber during the late 1970’s by the dreaded state research Bureau.

Ndere Centre: When one has a day in Kampala from Wednesdays into the weekend, it is possible to enjoy a cultural entertainment by the Ndere Troupe. Dance and music shows are available every Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 7 pm. Some of their acts can be seen at this video link.

Muteesa’s House: A world heritage site near Kampala that acts as a resting place for the Buganda Kings.  Built in 1882, the site showcases several artifacts and historical lectures detailing Buganda Kingdom’s history.

Flametree stables Horse riding school and Instruction: Located in Gayaza, a couple of minutes out of Kampala in a 20 acre forested private property. Lessons for the young and the old who wish to learn horse riding in a beautiful setting. At the moment, over 30 horses are available on some of the finest tracks in the country. More information and Booking details