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Uganda safaris tours, Africa gorilla trekking

Uganda safaris tours, Africa gorilla trekking

Uganda Safaris and gorilla trekking

Uganda is where the East African Savannah meets the West African jungle. Our wildlife tours below are custom designed to Include some of Uganda safaris wildlife viewing in National Parks or reserves. Referred to as the Pearl Of Africa, our tour programs feature the East African Wildlife Rift Valley areas. The concentration of wildlife with the all year around makes Uganda a favorable, single  Africa destination.

A list of some of our Uganda safaris:

  •  Uganda safaris, wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the country’s fresh water Lakes, which come alive with fish and marine life. Prolific bird-life with the record extending over 1100 species, seen on bird watching tours. The Volcanic mountains in the Volcanoes area, provide sanctuary to over 50% Mountain Gorillas. Uganda’s rain forests team with Golden Monkeys, L’hoest Monkeys, Black and White Colubus Monkeys, Olive Baboons, Chimpanzees and butterflies. While the East African Savannah, supports healthy populations of Africa’s Big Five which include; African White Rhino,Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, Leopard and Prides of Lion.
  • Our Uganda safaris trips consequently cover some off the beaten track activities which include:,
  • Chimpanzee and Mountain Gorilla Safaris, or Gorilla tours

    Batwa cultural experiences: Guests, meanwhile join a local bushmen community to learn about these former forest dwellers. The Batwa used to live in the forests prior to gazettement into national parks. It is possible to join the Batwa as they demonstrate gathering honey and hunting. They use medicinal plants from the forest, make bark cloth peeled from the fig trees as their clothing. As well as trapping of duikers and other smaller forest animals. They slept in the open and at times in Caves and their houses built of leaves and bamboo. The cultural safari with optional dancing with Batwa tribesmen/women and the program takes a minimum of about 3 to 5 hours.

  • The white sand beaches in the middle of Lake Victoria, offers a different kind of a Uganda Luxury safari holiday relaxing by the white sand beaches in the lush, forested Lake Victoria. Then enjoy fresh water breezes of Lake Victoria, as well as provide relaxing trips after game viewing. It is also possible to try a hand at fishing with the local fishing communities. The Nile Perch is a monster Fish that grows to over 250 pounds. In addition, explore the trails in the forests to see Vervet monkeys, birds, Monitor Lizards or cruising on the Lake.
  • The Rwenzori Mountains offers a unique product.
  • Visitors find it fascinating to find snow at the Equator some 13,000 feet above sea level. These mountains, named the Mountains of the moon have some of the rarest plant and bird-life, glaciers and Mountain Lakes.
  • White water rafting is offered close to the source of the Nile in Jinja. Therefore, it is possible to visit the Itanda Falls in the vicinity. This is a full day program that covers some grade 5 rapids. Glide along the Mighty River Nile through the ever green forests along the banks. Later on, Quad Biking alongside Horse riding and Bungee Jumping are all available on the banks of the Nile. A boat ride into Lake Victoria gets one at the exact point, where the 6,000mile River Nile starts its journey to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Activities
    The safaris in Uganda, also feature the River Nile, which is the longest River on planet earth, With the origins at the source out of Lake Victoria near Jinja. The wildlife cruises and relaxing excursions includes some of the best spot fishing for the Nile Perch and the Tilapia, which is a staple food and an economic option for the local Ugandan population.
  • The Travelust African Safaris of Uganda, feature sightseeing holidays into the Mount Elgon National Parks, which includes the most romantic waterfalls in the world, according to the (lonely planet). Mountaineering hikes into the unique Mountain scenery, coupled with the cultural ceremonies of Ugandan teenage circumcision, take place in Eastern Uganda region.
  • The wildlife experience on your African tour covers border areas with Kenya.

    The virgin safari countryside, no doubt offers some of the rare Uganda safaris wildlife like the Cheetah. Ostrich and Greater Kudu live in their natural environment. This is an unexplored region, hardly visited by large tour groups on their trips in the country.

  • Utilizing, the customized safari vehicles on our Uganda programs, we also feature trips into the wildlife reserves of the Murchison falls, where Uganda Kob, the trail of the Uganda exploration safaris by Florence and Samuel Baker discovered the most beautiful spot on the River Nile. Activities on the Nile feature guided walking safari on foot with the Uganda wildlife Authority ranger guides, crocodile and Hippo cruises and Chimpanzee safaris in the Budongo Forests.
  • Bird watching safaris in Uganda feature the national bird, the Uganda Crowned crane, as well as other special species that migrate during the European winter, to lay their eggs on the islands in lake Victoria. The Shoe billed stork is one of the rare birds seen on a Uganda birding safari holiday. The Ruhija section, of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park, features the African Broad bill, sought after by the world’s leading birdwatchers.
  • Primate safaris of Uganda,

    feature on our wildlife trekking and nature trips. Blue Monkey flourish in the moist forests of Central and south western Uganda, while the Red tailed monkeys, Angola Colubus and the Red colubus, an endangered primate of Kibale forest, reside near the Kanyanchu tourist Center. Chimpanzee trekking safaris of Chambura gorge, Karinzu sanctuary and the Kibale Forest are very organized, and depart, every morning and in the afternoons, led by experienced tour guides.

  • The Uganda safaris guides, usually offer a chimpanzee habituation tour. Here, visitors go out in the forest following a troop of the chimpanzees. Taking data with the researchers and only get to leave the chimps in their overnight nests. The night safaris in the parks also feature, seeing Galagos, and Bush baby, which are the world’s smallest primates.
  • Uganda is arguably known for its gorilla safari tours, which feature gorilla trekking in Bwindi’s Impenetrable National park. At Mount Mgahinga gorilla sanctuary, the Volcanoes can be seen on clear days. Gorilla trips are based on luxury, safari accommodations, as well as the affordable options. Cheap gorilla safaris are available during the low season months of April, May and November. Alternatively, flying  departures from Entebbe International airport, into the Impenetrable Mountain Gorilla sanctuary, are available.
  • Uganda’s unique position,

    across the equator, and at a higher altitude, therefore guarantees an all year good weather, where the wildlife safaris thrive in these climatic conditions. You will be able to see all the Big Five safari animals of Africa, as well as the plants and way of life of the people. Uganda Kobs are plentiful in the Queen Elizabeth National park, where the hungry Lions and the sneaky Hyenas in the meantime lurk in the mating grounds, waiting for a chance to have a meal.

  • The walking safaris also include visits to the Ruwenzori Mountains, referred to as the Mountains of the moon, while the Volcanoes, in the south, at the border with Rwanda, offer some of the best golden Monkey trekking holidays in the whole of Africa. The magnificent scenery of Uganda, coupled with the friendliness of the local Ugandan population, has led to Uganda, being voted as a number one tourist destination in the world, on a number of occasions. Home stays in the local fishing Villages in the Ssese Islands, therefore, offering a hands on experience of a fishing vacation on Uganda’s Lakes. Using the traditional methods of sailing and finding the large Nile Perch Fish, which grows to over 200pounds.
  • The Crater Lakes, which arise as a result of Uganda’s position at the plateau, are a good option for swimming, canoeing by dugout canoes, while the rivers, offer some wildlife viewing. Breeding Nile crocodile and Hippos amass in large numbers, grunting away into the night as they challenge for territory.

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