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Rwanda Gorilla trek and Lake Bunyonyi

The Rwanda Gorilla trek safari features a day trip to the Mountains to hike to the Silver back family. Heads over to the Akagera Game park for Lion spotting and giraffe viewing before crossing to Lake Bunyonyi for a relaxing dugout canoe trip.

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Day one:  Rwanda Gorilla trek safari begins in Kigali at the airport. Meet your  guide who will transfer to the Mountain base in Musanze. The afternoon is at leisure acclimatizing to the high altitude and taking pictures of the volcanoes. Meals and overnight at the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. Meal plan – Dinner.

Day Two:  The Rwanda Gorilla tour starts from your Lodge as the guides star the day’s trekking in the Bamboo forests of the Volcanoes gorilla park. Bamboo bitten off shoots as well as the other signs, like the hairs and prints on the ground will lead to the gorilla family. See the silver back gorilla and his family for at least one hour before returning to your safari lodge in the Mountains for meals and overnight at the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. Meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Three: Morning breakfast and transfer to the Akagera National park before heading out the following day. This day,you will be hoping to see some of the herbivores of the park. These include Zebra, Eland, Elephant, Impala, Hippos and some prolific bird life. Have lunch at the Lodge before an evening game drive in the park. This park is also a birdwatchers paradise, with sightings of the rare shoe billed stork and the Goliath Herons. Meals and overnight will be at the Akagera Game Lodge. Meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Four:  Morning breakfast at the Lodge and then drive towards the Lakeside tracks to look for the cat family. Spotted Hyenas scavenge for the Kills, while the occasional leopard strays on the road. Spend the mid afternoon at the luxurious Lodge before a sunset game drive to see more of what the park has to offer. Meals and overnight at the Akagera Game Lodge.
Meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Five:  Morning breakfast and transfer to the border where we cross to Uganda and proceed to the famous Lake Bunyonyi. Have the afternoon on a dugout canoe, sailing to the punishment Islands. Here, the pregnant unmarried young girls were abandoned, as a way of discouraging girls from pre-marital “sleeping” relations. Brought on the island by boats and the fact that they could not swim, meant that they would starve to death here, or picked up at no charge by the not wealthy suitors who could not afford bride price. Meals and overnight at the Arcadia Cottages.
Meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Six:  Full day relaxing at Lake Bunyonyi, recovering from the strenuous gorilla trekking and safari and enjoying the peacefulness of the Lake. It may also be possible to join the local fishermen for a cray fishing expedition. Or take a boat trip to the local market on Lake Bunyonyi, where the local Pygmies would be selling their merchandise. Meals and overnight at the Arcadia Cottages
plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day Seven: Rwanda Safari Tour
After breakfast, our gorilla trekking expedition ends with a 2 hour drive to Kigali to catch the afternoon home bound flight.

Rwanda gorilla trek price per person     From US$1,925 plus a gorilla permit of US$750

Mountain Gorilla Rules

  • Mountain gorillas are territorial and in case of a charge, show a submissive posture.
  • It is not advisable to have a battle of the eyes with the Mountain Gorillas. Try to avoid a direct stare with the silver back
  • It is advisable to stay in a crouching position and in stay in a group.
  • Avoid talking loudly while in the presence of the Mountain Gorillas
  • Do no use flash photography during the gorilla trekking.
  • Also, beware that the Mountain Gorillas are wild animals, despite looking cuddly.
  • Gorillas are susceptible to human airborne diseases, you should try to minimize infecting them by reporting cases of cold or flu to the wildlife authorities.
  • In case of having an urge of sneezing, please sneeze in a hankie or away from the gorillas.
  • Severe cases of cold will mean you forfeit the gorilla trek and would have a refund.
  • Cases of trekking and failure to reach the gorillas due to tiredness, you do not qualify for a refund.
  • To discourage a begging culture among African children, please desist from giving candy to the curious kids on the way to the gorillas.

The ORTPN which is Rwanda’s gorilla office, accepts no responsibility for any injury whatsoever, sustained due to an attack by wild animals in the park

  • Please keep a distance of about 7 metres from the Mountain gorillas. This is to minimize contact and disease spreading from humans to the gorillas or vice versa
  • Gorillas should not be fed due to conservation and safety concerns.
  •  You are required to avoid contact with the gorillas even when the curious babies approach you.
  • Eating in the presence of Mountain gorillas is not allowed.
  • Gorilla trekkers should carry all the trash out of the park.
  • Should it necessitate that you need to use the bathroom while in the forest, please bury the same in pit
    Mountain Gorillas health
  • Should anyone feel ill on the day of the Rwanda Gorilla trek, they should to skip the tour and have a refund for the trek processed.
  • Sneezing while in the presence of the gorillas is allowed, on condition that you have to sneeze of cough in a hankie or tissue.
  • Children below the age of 15 are not allowed to trek to participate in the Rwanda gorilla trek due to higher disease transmission risks.