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Uganda Birdwatching Holidays

Uganda Bird watching Holidays by Travelust African safaris.

Our Uganda birdwatching holidays specialize in the protected areas, as well as world heritage sites. These include: Mabamba swamps for the rare shoe billed stork.  Entebbe and Environs for the occasional African grey parrot and Ross’s Turaco.  Kasenge forest for the Palmnut Vultures as well as other water birds. Mabira forest for the Great Blue Turacos. Lake Kwania then Kidepo National parks for the Fox’ Weaver. Mpanga forests for canopy birding as well as Murchison falls for the pennant winged night jar.  Kibale Forest and also  Semliki National parks for the Albertine endemics. Queen Elizabeth National park and the Volcanoes areas including Bwindi and Rujija Albertine sanctuaries provide sightings for the African Broadbill as well as Rwenzori Turaco.

Our Uganda birdwatching holidays base on custom built safari vehicles, as well as Lake Vessels, subject to the kind of tours conducted. The lodges used are as affordable as simple lodges or as more luxurious as the more pricey safari lodges or Tents.

The guides are all experienced and reservations are required ahead of time to ensure a flawless birding trip in Uganda.

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