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    Uganda tour and wildlife holidays

    Bespoke Uganda tour safaris including gorilla trekking as well as wildlife trips. The tours include Lake Victoria Islands in addition to White water rafting experiences. Staying on white sandy beaches surrounded by lush tropical rain forests amid refreshing breezes. Including exploring the source of the river Nile then quad biking along the longest river. Chimpanzee treks at the Ngamba Island, Kibale forest, Budongo forests at Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro. Maramagambo rain forest as well as Chambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National park. Boat cruises on the Victoria Nile at Murchison Falls, Kazinga Channel, amongst Hippos and crocodiles. Leisurely boat rides on Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda and cruises on Lake Victoria. Fishing trips on Lake Victoria and at the Murchison falls. Also, at Lake Mburo and on other rivers and Lakes in the countryside. Agri tourism experiences to have a feel of how organic products are taken careof in Africa. Tours include a coffee safari, mixed farm tour, free range cattle tour and other animals. Gorilla trekking experiences at Bwindi amd Mgahinga National parks as well as the Big Five safaris to Murchison falls, Kidepo, Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Semuliki wildlife reserves.

    Uganda Birdwatching Holidays

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    Uganda Bird watching Holidays by Travelust African safaris.

    Our Uganda birdwatching holidays specialize in the protected areas, as well as world heritage sites. These include: Mabamba swamps for the rare shoe billed stork.  Entebbe and Environs for the occasional African grey parrot and Ross's Turaco.  Kasenge forest for the Palmnut Vultures as well as other water birds. Mabira forest for the Great Blue Turacos. Lake Kwania then Kidepo National parks for the Fox' Weaver. Mpanga forests for canopy birding as well as Murchison falls for the pennant winged night jar.  Kibale Forest and also  Semliki National parks for the Albertine endemics. Queen Elizabeth National park and the Volcanoes areas including Bwindi and Rujija Albertine sanctuaries provide sightings for the African Broadbill as well as Rwenzori Turaco. Our Uganda birdwatching holidays base on custom built safari vehicles, as well as Lake Vessels, subject to the kind of tours conducted. The lodges used are as affordable as simple lodges or as more luxurious as the more pricey safari lodges or Tents. The guides are all experienced and reservations are required ahead of time to ensure a flawless birding trip in Uganda.

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    Uganda National Parks

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    Uganda National Parks
    Tourist information about Uganda National Parks and Game Reserves in Uganda. Also Includes; Tourism activities, wildlife safaris, Nature walks, bird watching, Safari Lodges, Private Tented camps, Water safaris and other activities. Murchison falls National park featuring the River Nile, as well as walking safaris on the Delta. In addition, Nile Cruises for viewing Croccodile and Hippo on the Nile. Kidepo National park towards the border with Sudan and northern Kenya. Features unique wildlife like the Cheetah and Kudu as well as tribal culture. Kibale National park, home to the Chimpanzee, a great Ape akin to the Mountain gorillas. Also home to forest species of birds. Semliki National park, home to the hotsprings as well as forest birding for Albertine endemic species. A community of pygmies live in the vicinity. Queen Elizabeth national park for cruises on the kazinga channel, as well as game viewing and chanbura gorge chimp walks. Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks for gorilla trekking, as well as golden monkey tours. Lake Mburo National park for walking safaris amid wildlife with armed game ranger.

    Uganda Safari Lodges and Camps

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    Uganda safari Lodges and camps in East Africa's National parks and protected areas
    Varies from small bed and breakfast guest houses as well as budget camps with fullboard. Larger chain of hotels and safari lodges with great service and ambience. Properties based on either tented accommodations or permanent lodges both in the National parks or close by. An updated list of hotels featuring guest accommdations in areas of Entebbe, Kampala, Mbale, Jinja, Kapchorwa. Also Kidepo Valley national park and neighbouring areas around Kitgum, Gulu, Lira and Moroto. Murchison falls National parks for budget camps, as well as private luxury tented camps along the River Nile. In addition to private cottages on the Sambiya River flood plain. Hoima accomodations as well as mid range accommodations in Masindi and Fort portal. Chimpanzee trekking accommodations including Ndali lodge and other tree houses near Kibale. Queen Elizabeth National park accommodations as well as Lake Katwe, western rift valley or kasese region. Ishasha accommodations and camps along the Ntungwe river banks.